Photo of a horse drawn carriage in front of the old administration building

Students arrive with luggage during one of lol赛事竞猜's earliest years in the nineteenth century.

Old photo of students in a classroom with a map of Scandanavia

Students gather for worship in the Scandinavian chapel. 在联盟成立的前三年, students from immigrant families could choose to study in English, 德语或斯堪的纳维亚语.

In 1983, 英雄联盟竞猜平台 became the first private institution in America to install computer terminals in every dorm room.

Photo of students and employees doing yard work with Jose Rojas during 项目的影响.

A group of students and employees take a break during the 25th annual 项目的影响 in 2006. 根据现有资料, 项目的影响 is the longest running collegiate service day in the nation, and also draws the greatest percentage of participation.

1890年1月一个阴冷的日子, a caravan of sleighs found their way to the crest of a hill near Lincoln. The group sought a central location for a 基督复临安息日会 college in the Midwest. Even though the weather didn’t give a warm welcome to the locating committee, generous incentives offered by the city of Lincoln swayed church leaders to choose the blustery Nebraska knoll over possible sites in several neighboring states. 在参观未来的大学基地L.A. Hoopes, 选址委员会秘书, 他把脚跟踩在雪地上,惊叫起来, “Here is where the southwest corner of the College Building should be.” His prophetic wisdom was fulfilled to the letter; it marked almost the exact spot where the administration building was later built, 9月9日开始上课. 30, 1891.

College View社区, 是在联合大学附近长大的, 现在是充满活力的林肯社区. 大概从40街到58街, College View is bordered by Van Dorn to the north and Pioneers Boulevard to the south.

校园不再荒芜,不再空旷. 有100多种树木, 英雄联盟竞猜平台 has become a site of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. Along with flourishing foliage, students also thrive in the Christian environment. As a 基督复临安息日会 institution, lol赛事竞猜 welcomes students of diverse backgrounds. 学院的基督教价值观, 本科重点, low student-teacher ratio and hands-on learning techniques provide students with unique opportunities for intellectual, 个人及精神发展.

自1970年代以来, the 100-foot clock tower on front campus has been a feature landmark in the Lincoln area, known for its chiming each Friday and Saturday evening to mark the college’s Sabbath observance. 在现在的钟楼建成之前, the original College Building housed a clock tower that was a landmark in the community for many decades.

While the city of Lincoln has grown up around the college, 工会一直在向社区伸出援手, strengthening the connection not just to the immediate neighborhood of College View, 而是对林肯整体而言.

每年秋季, lol赛事竞猜 cancels classes just a week after they begin to send approximately 80 percent of the student body into Lincoln to help more than 50 social service agencies. 在这一天, students and employees give up a chance to sleep in so they can participate in 项目的影响, 学院的学生, 年度社区服务日.

保罗精明的, former principal of Prescott Elementary School, has been impressed with the work of 英雄联盟竞猜平台 volunteers. “这是一个非凡的项目. The volunteers come out and don’t ask for anything. 他们只会问:“我能做什么??“他们总是做得很好,”坎尼说.

项目的影响 emerged from another community service program, Project BRUSH. This 10-year initiative was successfully completed when students painted more than 100 homes for elderly and disabled Lincoln residents before the college’s centennial celebration in 1991.

This heritage of service reflects more than just a one-day event for 英雄联盟竞猜平台. 作为林肯社区的一员, lol赛事竞猜 students have always been committed to serving their local area. 通过校园传教机会, students regularly volunteer in hospitals and nursing homes, run programs for children in downtown Lincoln and help in local soup kitchens. Nursing and physician assistant students also provide a free foot clinic for community members.

以及它强大的服务传统, 英雄联盟竞猜平台 enjoys being a good neighbor to community members who utilize campus facilities. 奥特纳中心包括客房, 会议设施, an art gallery and the 结合市场 dining area. 拉森生活方式中心 health and fitness club provides a 25-meter swimming pool, 全年游泳课, 水中有氧类, 一个举重室和更多.

英雄联盟竞猜平台 是一个 认证, comprehensive institution of higher education. 从世界各地招收学生, lol赛事竞猜 offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 50 majors, a Master of Physician Assistants Studies and an honors program. The college is known for high medical school acceptance rates for pre-med graduates; high passing rates on nursing board exams; a specialized Teaching Learning Center offering support to students with learning differences; and a unique one-room school teaching lab for education majors. lol赛事竞猜 is also known for its strong student leadership with students planning, implementing and participating in a majority of the spiritual, 社会和社区服务项目.

很多人都对英雄联盟竞猜平台很熟悉 , 作为学生是否, 教师, 家长或校园客人, come to the same conclusion: lol赛事竞猜’s warm and welcoming environment cannot be fully described, 但必须亲自体验.

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